Website Design
Why is your Website Design so important?

Your Website design is very important for two reasons – firstly you want to make it easy for people to find your site and you need to create a good first impression.

Secondly, you need to have a clear objective for your website, and make sure your website is user friendly, making it easy for visitors to complete your website goals – whether that be to sell them something directly from your site or to capture their contact details or maybe you simply want them to phone you.

Website Design vs Graphic Design

We can provide a first class design service which will ensure that your website design fits your business and is appropriate for your marketplace. We’re not led by graphic design - website design is much more than just graphic design. It isn’t just about the overall look and feel of your site – it is also crucial that the technical structure of your site is correct and highly optimised to perform well in the search engine listings. In particular, it is important to rank well in Google who have the majority share of the search market.

We have a strong team of developers who are experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), who will ensure that your website is correctly structured to perform well.

Save Paper, Time and Money with Email Marketing

Email campaigns can be set up very easily and quickly compared to traditional direct mail campaigns saving huge amounts of time and resource. No need to arrange for paper, printing and envelopes. As well as completely eradicating the need to use paper, you save on the cost of stamps.

You can save a huge amount of time by setting up email campaigns which run on auto pilot – eliminating the need for you to manage every single reply or request for more information from every single prospect. If a new prospect contacts you via your website on a Wednesday afternoon or a Sunday evening it doesn't matter – they will receive a prompt response, which means you don't need to worry about losing them.

Brochure Site or Ecommerce Site?

Whether you need a simple Brochure website to promote your products / services and to collect sales leads or you need a professional Ecommerce shopping site, we can help you find more prospects and sell more products.

Website Updates and Modifications

It is important to continually update your website to keep it fresh and relevant. Google rank websites that are updated frequently much higher than those that remain the same month in month out.

We can offer you a website which is simple and easy to update, whether you want to change an image, add an article or maybe create a new page it's easy with our content management system. If you would prefer us to manage all of your updates then it’s not a problem, we’re more than happy to do that for you so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Website Rebuilds / Updates

We often redesign, update and improve websites that are outdated or don’t perform well in the search engines. It is quite common for us to redesign a website and within a short space of time see significant increases in website traffic from the search engines.


  • Search Engine friendly website – maximise traffic potential
  • Professional design / image to suit your market
  • User friendly
  • W3C compliant
  • Content Management System – manage updates quickly and easily