Social Media Marketing
What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing is a form of online marketing which provides the opportunity to promote and increase awareness of your business through active participation in social media networks some of the more well known social networks include Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

More than 75% of Internet Users go to Search Engines for answers

Social media networks allow you to create and promote content that will attract links and provide viral opportunities. With the correct strategy you can reach key influencers within your marketplace.

Increase Traffic to your Website

Some of the social networks are becoming powerful and are highly respected by Google. Getting links back to your site from some of these high ranking authority sites can drive a surprising amount of traffic back to your site via pages that appear high up in the search engine listings. It’s not unusual for Google to index a new page from a social network within a few hours – sometimes in the top ten search results.

In addition to the obvious benefits of gaining traffic from Google, one of the main benefits of using Social Media Marketing is the potential viral effect of your messages and content – just check out some of the most viewed videos on Youtube to see the potential.

The Viral Effect of Social Media Marketing

The viral effect of social media marketing can be very powerful in both positive and negative ways – so you need to manage your business well to take advantage and minimise negative feedback. As a result of this there is a growing need to monitor what’s been said about your company and brands – the sooner you know what’s been said – the sooner you can take action to protect your business. In addition to helping you with your Social Media Marketing strategy we can also provide a Brand Monitoring solution.


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase sales leads
  • Increase number of Clients
  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Profitability