Pay Per Click Management (PPC)
What is Pay per Click Marketing?

Pay per Click Marketing (PPC), sometime referred to as PPC Advertising is a very effective route to market. It is also the quickest way of appearing on the first page of a search engine such as Google for the search terms (keywords) that are relevant to your business.

Website Analytics software shows an increase in traffic once PPC Ads switched on

This means that you can start receiving more traffic very quickly – a PPC ad can be set up and appear on the first page of Google within a few minutes of writing the ad copy. It can take a while and a lot of effort to get your business listed in the natural listings of the search engines for free using search engine optimisation techniques, however – using Pay Per Click Marketing, your website can appear on the first page free – UNTIL someone clicks your ad. Each time someone clicks on your ad you will be charged a fee – this is the Cost per Click (CPC). If no-one clicks your ad then you don't get charged.

Pay per Click marketing can be very effective as it means that most people who click your ad are going to be interested to a certain degree in your website providing your ads are well written and highly targeted. The most popular PPC Search Engine is Google, though there are alternative search engines who offer PPC such as Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook.

Google Adwords (Pay per Click Ads)

Google Adwords appear alongside the natural search engine results on the right-hand-side of the page. Sometimes, for popular keywords, Google will also show between 1 and 3 Ads at the top of the listings. Your company can appear on the front page of Google within a few minutes of setting up a campaign and you only get charged when someone clicks on your Google ad.

Marketing ‘Pay Per Click' Monthly Reports

Our Marketing Agency will provide monthly PPC Reports for our Clients to provide an overview and summary of how all of their Adwords campaigns are running. The ultimate information that we monitor and improve is the Cost per Conversion for each ad. The goal is to reduce this figure as much as possible on an ongoing basis.

‘Pay Per Click' Campaign Management

To make the most out of Pay per Click Marketing you are probably going to need to be focussing on a large number of keywords in order to find enough traffic for your website. It's not unusual to bid on hundreds of keywords for one website – in fact it's not that uncommon to manage more than a thousand keywords - for websites which have a large selection of products.

It can be very complex, but we have a lot of experience managing simple campaigns ranging from a budget of ?50 to complex campaigns with a budget of ?50,000 per month.

Measure Your PPC Performance - to the Penny!

The cost effectiveness of every single keyword within every campaign can be accurately measured to the nearest penny! This means you can control your budget accurately and react where necessary to improve the performance of your campaigns. GFE Marketing provide a monthly report highlighting keyword performance.


  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Profitability
  • Increase No of Leads
  • Increase Client Base