Conversion Rate Enhancement
Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Improving conversion rates at each point in your customer acquisition process can yield a dramatic overall increase in sales conversion. These results can sometimes be achieved very quickly - producing long lasting increases in sales. We have the expertise and can help you improve your website conversion rates which will lead to an increase in your profitability.

Graph shows a decrease in Bounce rate = Visitors are finding your Website more interesting!

What is your Conversion Rate?

Research shows that over seventy five percent of the proportion of Internet users regularly use search engines (E.G Google) as their primary method of gathering information online. This means you need to get your website ranking as high as possible for your important keywords / search terms.

Now Future Change
1000 Visitors 1000 Visitors No Change!
990 Leave Site 980 Leave Site 1% Improvement
10% Sales
(1% Conversion)
20% Sales
(2% Conversion)

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is a process which enables you to test more than one variable on a website at the same time. In fact you can test more than one variable in more than one test simultaneously. So you could test say three different headlines, three different images and two different price points in one experiment. This will produce many test permutations, which means, as well as finding out which variables perform best you will also determine how well (or not) certain variables interact with each other.

Taguchi Test Methods

Even though using Multivariate testing means you can test a multitude of ideas simultaneously, there are still too many permutations available (think of headlines, actual wording of copy, pricing, images, colour of page, font style, size of buttons, menu structure etc…), so ultimately it would be almost impossible to test every single idea. Fortunately in the 1950's, Genichi Taguchi from Japan devised a methodology for applying statistics to improve the quality of manufactured goods which can be applied to virtually any test situation including website conversion rate improvements.

The Taguchi methodology enables you to conduct fewer tests to achieve overall results which are statistically sound and eliminate the need to check every single permutation. The Taguchi method works on the principle that in most situations it is very rare that more than two variables ever interact, which means you can reduce the number of tests needed to make significant improvements.

We can set up a whole host of tests on the most appropriate pages within your website, using Taguchi methods, which could improve your Conversion rates surprisingly quickly. This can soon lead to increased Sales and Profitability for your business.

Split Testing

Split testing, often referred to as A/B Split Testing is a simple effective method of testing two ideas against each other to assess which performs best. The benefit of split testing is that you will get a definitive result fairly quickly for one variable. For example, you could test two different headlines on a web page to see which performs best. The problem with A/B split testing for improving conversion rates is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of potential test permutations, so it would take forever to improve your website using simple split testing by conducting one test at a time. To accelerate Conversion Rate improvements whilst retaining a high level of certainty it is best to use multivariate testing to find real beneficial improvements in response.

Why not just Increase Traffic instead?

Why bother with working on enhancing your Website Conversion Rates – isn't it just easier to find more traffic? Like a traditional shop – do you really want to have to keep finding new customers or would you rather have the same customers spend more money with you?

Finding more visitors to your website can sometimes be easier, especially if you pay for them using Pay per Click Marketing, but providing you have enough visitors to start improving your conversion rate why not aim to double your conversion rate and therefore your sales rather than pay for twice as many visitors? Improving your Conversion Rate is a one off cost for each improvement which lasts forever – paying for more traffic is a cost you need to keep paying again and again forever!

Once you have started to make improvements in your conversion rates it makes sense to start buying more traffic which will now be more profitable so your return on investment (ROI) will increase even further.

The Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimisation:

  • Increase Number of Leads
  • Increase Client Base
  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Profitability
  • Increase ROI on your Marketing spend