Brand Monitoring
Protecting and monitoring your brand online

Protecting and monitoring your brand online requires specialist knowledge and technology. Here at our Marketing Agency we operate our own proprietary search engine technology that can be put to a number of uses including brand monitoring, competitive intelligence and corporate risk analysis. Unlike many agencies offering an automated paper-clipping service we offer the most up-to-date automated system that provides near real-time analysis and is intended to beat the mainstream news.

Brand Monitoring Software

Our brand monitoring software is largely based around search engine technology and tracks hundreds of thousands or resources every day. However, again, the key difference with many other system is rather than subscribe to a system that is shared with many other brand owners we bespoke your account settings to resources targeted to your industry if required nominated by you.

Other Brand Tracking & Monitoring Solutions

There are then many other techniques in use on the web which could damage your brand, such as competitors advertising in the search engines on brand related keywords, 'Cybersquatters' who buy variations or miss-spellings of your domains names and more. The aim of these tactics is to take traffic that would be bound for your website to your competitors or often to bad publicity sites.

All of these problems can be dealt with, but the first hurdle is to Know about them. Using our specialist search technology, Search Engine Partnership can rapidly identify any problems and inform you of them. We also offer consultancy on the best way to solve any problems.

Another use of brand monitoring is to assess the ROI on advertising campaigns. During a major new advertising campaign, your brand should be more active on the internet, generating news stories, being discussed on forums and finding new links. This can be quantified and reported on, to enable better targeting of future campaigns.

  • Monitor Competitors for use of your brands
  • Locate 'Cybersquatters'
  • Automatic notification on your brand in the news
  • Track the results of advertising campaigns
  • Monitor your brand via blogs and forums