Accessibility & Usability
What is Accessibility and Usability?

Website accessibility and usability is an important design consideration when developing a successful website. As well as providing disabled people the required access to your site it also benefits your business in other ways. Considering the geography and demography of your visitors and optimising your site to allow all groups of people easy access to your site will increase your profit potential.

Website Accessibility Testing and W3C Accessibility Compliance

Promoting your website to everyone is a vital ingredient to making the most of the global marketplace. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is a group of companies and individuals that have installed themselves as Internet champions. They have been responsible for developing the URL, HTML and many other industry standards for the Internet. They have also developed the Web Accessibility Initiative that aims to help disabled people have access to the same websites as anyone else. Ensuring your website's W3C Accessibility compliance will help your website business appeal to all potential customers.

What Is W3C Compliance?

The updated Disability Discrimination Act is a part of the Web Accessibility Initiative and states that businesses must create websites and web pages that are accessible to the disabled. The W3C have set guidelines that these websites must adhere to and while the revised standards have been established for some time, it has recently been discovered that over half of all websites do not meet these standards.

Our Marketing Agency has developed several automated software tools that can assess your website based on these standards and using this information a rank for your website will be given as well as any recommendations on how to improve the accessibility of your site. If necessary we will also manually check your site to give an even clearer indication.

The Ultima Thule systems take into account all of the following:

  • Visitor disabilities
  • W3C compliance
  • Geographical location of visitors
  • Language spoken
  • Website browser
  • Screen resolution
  • Personal settings
  • Internet connection

Further Advantages Of W3C Compliance

As well as being sure you are in compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act, bear in mind that there are over 1.7 million registered as disabled including blind or partially sighted people. If your business website can provide them with information that they cannot gain anywhere else they are certain to become very loyal customers.


  • Increase accessibility of your website to a wider marketplace
  • Compliance with legislative requirements